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Von Ignaz Staub, 20.07.2021

Berichte in angelsächsischen Medien, ausgewählt von Ignaz Staub.

“The Guardian”: “Revealed: Leak uncovers global abuse of anti-surveillance weapon” by Stephanie Kirchgaessner, Paul Lewis, David Pegg & Sam Cutler

“The Guardian”: “FT editor among 180 journalists identified by clients of spyware firm” by David Pegg, Paul Lewis, Michael Safi & Nina Lakhani

“The Guardian”: “Joe Biden: six months on, cold, hard reality eclipses early euphoria” by David Smith

“The Guardian”: “The long read – The safe space: the cosmic importance of planetary quarantine” by Geoff Manaugh & Olivia Twilley

“The Guardian”: “The person to ‘weaken’ America: what the Kremlin papers said about Trump” by Luke Harding & Dan Sabbagh

“The Guardian”: “Heat exhaustion, apocalyptic scenes: what it’s like to fight US’s biggest wildfire” by Matthew Montoya

“The Guardian”: “Inside the mind of an Olympic athlete one week before the games”

“The Observer”: “The top journalist, the mafia boss and the gunman: Dutch fear the rise of ‘narco crime’” by Senay Boztas

“The Intercept”: “Israel: Joint Militias” by Yuval Abraham

“The Intercept”: “The Future Dystopic Hellscape Is Upon Us” by Sam Biddle

“Politico”: “The Future of Work Has Arrived, and It’s Messy” by Ben White & Eleanor Mueller

“Politico Magazine”: “Cuban Leaders Have Long Relied on Anti-Imperialist Anger. This Time, It’s Not Working” by Jennifer Lambe

“Foreign Policy”: “Regime Change Is not an Option for China” by Evan S. Medeiros & Ashley J. Tellis

“Wired”: “Iconic Yellowstone Park Faces Starling Climate Threats” by Adam Popescu

“The New Yorker”: “Personal History: My Slightly Unreal Pandemic Pregnancy” by Susanna Wolff

“The New Yorker”: “Letter from Biden’s Washington - ‘You’re gonna have a fucking war’: Mark Milley’s Fight to Stop Trump from Striking Iran” by Susan B. Glasser

“The New Yorker”: “Vienna Is the New Havana Syndrome Hot Spot” by Adam Entous

“The New Yorker”: “Annals of Technology: The First Light of Trinity” by Alex Wellerstein

“The New York Times”: “Marc Zuckerberg and Sheryll Sandberg’s Partnership Did Not Survive Trump” by Sheera Frankel & Cecilia Kang

“The New York Times”: “The Jeff Bezos Paradox” by Brad Stone

“The New York Times”: “Inside the Capitol Riot: An Exclusive Video Investigation” by The New York Times

“The New York Times”: “Gen Z Wants to Free the World from Email” by Sophia June

“The New York Times”: “Nonfiction: Michael Wolff on Donald Trump’s Last Days (for Now)” by Nicholas Leman

“The New York Times”: “Gossip Is Not a Sin” by Kelsey McKinney

“The New York Times”: “As the Press Weakens, so Does Democracy” by Charles M. Blow

“The New York Times”: “Why Is the Country Panicking about Critical Race Theory?” by Spencer Bokatt-Lindell

“The New York Times”: “Russia’s most aggressive ransomware group disappeared. It’s unclear who disabled them.” by David E. Sanger

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Why Jane Goodall Still Has Hopes for US Humans” by David Marchese

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Los Angeles Goes to War with Itself Over Homelessness” by Jaime Lowe

“TIME”: “It’s O.K. Not to Be O.K.” by Naomi Osaka

“Harvard Business Review”: “Why you’re so anxious of going back to the office” by Alice Boyes

“The Washington Post”: “’I Alone Can Fix it’ book excerpt: Inside Trump’s Election Day and the birth of the ‘big lie’” by Carol D. Leonnig & Philip Rucker

“The Washington Post”: “The two sides of Elon Musk” by Will Oremus

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“The Atlantic”: “How the Enlightenment Ends” by Henry A. Kissinger

“The Atlantic”: “The Senate’s Grim Reaper” by Peter Nicholas

“The Atlantic”: “Democracy Is Surprisingly Easy to Undermine” by Anne Applebaum

“The Atlantic”: “Top Gun Is an Infomercial for America” by Megan Garber

“The Guardian”: “From viral videos to Fox News: how rightwing media fueled the critical race theory panic” by Julia Carrie Wong

“The Guardian”: “Conservative justices make it clear: they won’t stop anti-democratic voting laws” by the

“The Guardian”: “Jacob Zuma’s imprisonment is a victory for South Africa’s post-apartheid constitution” by Mark Gevisser

“The Guardian”: “’We live in a desert. We have to act like it’: Las Vegas faces reality of drought” by Oliver Milman

“The Guardian”: “Richard Branson’s quest: to boldy go where no billionaire has gone before” by Jasper Jolly & Gwyn Topham

“The Guardian”: “’This is the end’: Lebanon struggles to find political path through its crisis” by Martin Chulov

“The Guardian”: “’ They will never let go’: ISIS fighters regroup in the heart of Iraq” by Ghaith Abdul-Ahab

“The Guardian”: “Picture Essay - ‘We thought we would return’: 10 years on, Syrian refugees dream of home” by Francesca Volpi

“The Guardian”: “The long read – The invisible addiction: is it time to give up caffeine?” by Michael Pollan

“The Guardian”: “The long read – The toppling of Saddam’s statue: how the US military made a myth” by Alex von Tunzelmann

“The New Yorker”: “Books: What Makes a Cult a Cult?” by Zoe Heller

“The New Yorker”: “Books: Looking for a Snow Leopard” by Kathryn Schulz

“The New Yorker”: “The Art World: The Medicis As Artists Saw Them” by Peter Schjedahl

“The New Yorker”: “Letter from Minneapolis: Derek Chauvin’s Trial and George Floyd’s City” by Jelani Cobb

“The New Yorker”: “Growing Pains: Driving Lessons” by Margaret Atwood

“The New Yorker”: “What We Need to Learn from The Tragedy of Surfside” by Amy Davidson Sorkin

“New York Magazine”: “Book Excerpt: Donald Trump’s January 6 – The view from the Oval Office” by Michael Wolff

“The New York Times”: “Why Haiti Still Despairs After $13 Billion of Foreign Aid” by Maris Abi-Habib

“The New York Times”: “Haiti’s in Peril, and There Are No Simple Options” by Amy Wilentz

“The New York Times”: “Opinion: Summer Travel Is Back. Earth Can’t Handle It” by Farhad Manjoo

“The New York Times”: “A Battle Between a Great City and a Great Lake” by Dan Egan (text) & Lyndon French (photographs)

“The New York Times”: “The People We Leave Behind in Afghanistan” by Farah Stockman

“The New York Times”: “The ‘Ugly Truth’ About Facebook” by Sarah Frier

“The New York Times”: “Everything I Know About Hope I Know from My Dog” by Maragret Renkl

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Man Behind China’s Aggressive New Voice” by Alex W. Palmer

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Rep. Adam Kinzinger on the Failure of Republicans and the Big Lie” by David Marchese

“The New York Review”: “Why Did We Invade Iraq?” by Fred Kaplan

“The New Yok Review”: “Ravenna Between East and West” by Josephine Quinn

..........Kalenderwoche 28..........

“The Guardian”: “Rohingya United: the football team bringing together refugees” by Emma Kemp

“The Observer”: “After the retreat: What now for Afghanistan?” by Emma Graham-Harrison & Akthar Mohammed Makoii

“The Observer”: “The observer view on US and Nato withdrawal from Afghanistan”

“The Observer”: “Summer reads to get lost in”

“The New York Times”: “Donald H. Rumsfeld, Defense Secretary During Iraq War, Is Dead at 88” by Robert D. McFadden

“The New York Times”: “Donald Rumsfeld’s Fog of Memos” by Errol Morris

“The New York Times”: “’Red Cradles’ Nurture China’s Next Generation of Communist Leaders” by Chris Buckley & Keith Bradsher

“The New York Times”: “These Chinese Millennials Are ‘Chilling’ and Beijing Isn’t Happy” by Elsie Chan

“The New York Times”: “Israel Dispatch: Fight Over a Gentle Stream Distils Israel’s Political Divide” by Isabel Kershner

“The New York Times”: “Inside the Tumultuous Years Before The Florida Condo Collapse” by Patricia Mazzei, Kimiko de Freytas-Tamura, Nicholas Bogel-Burroughs, Alexandra J. Petri & Stephanie Saul

“The New York Times”: “The ‘Divas’ Who Serenaded and Seduced the Arab World” by Farah Nayeri

“The New York Times”: “50 Reasons to Love Joni Mitchell’s ‘Blue’” by The New York Times

“The New York Times”: “The Health Benefits of Coffee” by Jane E. Brody

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The War on History Is a War on Democracy” by Timothy Snyder

“The New York Times Magazine”: “My Father Vanished When I Was 7. The Mystery Made Me Who I Am” by Nicholas Casey

“The New Yorker”: “Dispatch: Sifting Silently Through Surfside’s Rubble” by Stephania Tallarid

“The New Yorker”: “After a Hundred Years, What Has China’s Communist Party Learned?” by Evan Osnos

“The New Yorker”: “A Father’s Final Odyssey” by Daniel Mendelsohn

“The New Yorker”: “Profiles: The Man Who Controls the Senate” by Evan Osnos

“The New Yorker”: “Annals of Religion: The Women Who want to be Priests” by Margaret Talbot

“The New Yorker”: “The Mad, Bad Business of Railway Tycoons” by Adam Gopnik

“The New York Review”: “Rumsfeld: Why We Live in His Ruins” by Mark Danner

“The New York Review”: “Bob Dylan, Historian” by Sean Wilentz

“The Washington Post”: “Juneteenth”

“The Washington Post”: “Inseparable: Jimmy and Rosalynn Carter” by Kevin Sullivan & Mary Jordan

“The Washington Post”: “Climate change could cost condo boards billions of dollars. They aren’t ready for it” by Evan McKenzie

“Politico Magazine”: “Opinion: The Don Rumsfeld the Obituaries Won’t Write About” by Matt Latimer

“Politico Magazine”: “The Podcasting Feud Over the Iraq War’ Legacy” by Derek Robertson

“The Atlantic”: “The Trump Organization Is in Big Trouble” by Daniel Hemel

“The Atlantic”: “The Internet Is Rotting” by Jonathan Zittrain

“The Atlantic”: “Fox News Gets a British Accent” by Helen Lewis

“The Atlantic”: “6 Months Inside one of America’s Most Dangerous Industries” by Michael Holtz

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“The New York Times”: “The Pentagon Papers at 50: A Special Report”

“The New York Times”: “Naftali Bennett, Israel’s New Prime Minister, Surprised Us All” by Noga Tarnopolsky

“The New York Times”: “Rome Gets Its First Pizza Vending Machine. Will Romans Bite?” by Elisabetta Povoledo

“The New York Times”: “Life and Death on the Lighthouse of the Mediterranean” by Gaia Squarzi (photographs and video) & Robin George Andrews

“The New York Times”: “Long Buried Secrets: The Serial Killer and the Detective” by Michael Wilson

“The New York Times”: “How to Describe America’s Character Through Its Favorite How-To Books” by John Williams

“The New York Times”: “The 21 Best Comedies of the 21st Century (So Far)”

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Your Face Is Not Your Own” by Kashmir Hill

“The New Yorker”: “Iran Moves Towards a One-Party State” by Robin Wright

“The New Yorker”: “Letter from Silicon Valley: Dies Tech Need a New Narrative?” by Anna Wiener

“The New Yorker”: “When Graphs Are a Matter of Life and Death” by Hannah Fry

“The New Yorker”: “Juneteenth and the Meaning of Freedom” by Jelani Cobb

“The New Yorker”: “The Long War Against Slavery” by Casey Cep

“The New Yorker”: “Can Biden Reverse Trump’s Damage to the State Department?” by Ronan Farrow

“The New York Review”: “CCP: A Most Adaptable Party” by Ian Johnson

“The New York Review”: “Women as War Criminals: More Than Accomplices” by Lindsey Hilsum

“The Atlantic”: “How America Fractures into Four Parts” by George Packer

“The Atlantic”: “The Psychological Benefits of Commuting to Work” by Jerry Useem

“The Intercept”: “Reality Winner, Whistleblower on Russian Hacking, Is Releases from Prison” by Peter Maas

“The Intercept”: “In the Least Wired Country on Earth, U.S. Military Asks Airstrike Victims to File Complaints Online” by Nick Turse

“Wired”: “What If Doctors Are Always Watching, But Never There?” by Neil Singh

“The 19th”: “Barack Obama: ‘Women have found themselves in an impossible situation” by Errin Haines

“The Guardian”: “The martyr who may rise again: Christian right’s faith in Trump not shaken” by David Smith

“The Guardian”: “The long read - Inside the Mind of a Murderer: the power and limits of forensic psychiatry” by Taj Nathan

“The Guardian”: “Four unhelpful myths about dementia: ‘Our bleak view is often unjustified” by Kailas Roberts

“The Guardian”: “’It’s brutal’: Las Vegas cooks amid blazing heatwave – and it’s going to get worse”

“The Observer”: “Iran’s president elect, Ebrahim Raisi, is hardliner linked with mass executions” by Patrick Wintour

“The Observer”: “QAnon and on: why the fight against extremism is far from over” by Tim Adams

..........Kalenderwochen 25 + 26

“The Guardian”: “American democracy is fighting for its life – and Republicans don’t care” by Robert Reich

“The Guardian”: “Joe Biden’s reforming agenda at risk of dying a slow death in Congress” by David Smith

“The Guardian”: “Podcast: Can the US avoid another Trump?”

“The Guardian”: “Euro 2020: 24 fans from 24 countries preview the tournament” by Guardian readers & Paul Campbell

“The Guardian”: “World’s most liveable city: Auckland wins as Covid shakes up ratings” by Tess McClure & agencies

“The Guardian”: “The long read – The elephant vanishes: how a circus family went on the run” by Laura Spinnney

“The Guardian”: “Podcast: The danger – and beauty of ultrarunning”

“The Guardian”: “10 top novels told in a single day” by James Clammer

“The Observer”: “Rocket men: Bezos, Musk and Branson vie for space supremacy” by  Richard Luscombe

“The Atlantic”: “The Fundamental Question of the Pandemic Is Shifting” by Ed Yong

The Atlantic”: “Democracy Is Already Dying in the States” by Ronald Brownstein

“Vanity Fair”: “The Mogul and the Monster: Inside Jeffrey Epstein’s Decades-Long Relationship with His Biggest Client” by Gabriel Sherman

“Vanity Fair”: “Bill and Linda Gates’ Divorce Saga Enters Its Next Stage” by Gabriel Sherman, Nick Bilton & Emily Jane Fox

“Wilson Center”: “Life on the Ground in Iran: From the View of the people” by Tara Rahmani

“Outside”: “The Crystal Hunters of Chamonix” by Simon Akam

“The Washington Post”: “What is Anom, and how did law enforcement use it to arrest hundreds in a global sting?” by Antonia Noori Farzan & Adam Taylor

“The Washington Post”: “The world is horrified at the dysfunction of American democracy” by Brian Klaas

“The Washington Post”: “Long overlooked, Israel’s Arab citizens are increasingly asserting their Palestinian identity” by Griff Witte & Sufian Taha

”The Washington Post Magazine”: “Art with a point” by Christian Font & Clare Ramirez

“The New Yorker”: “The Defeat of Benjamin Netanyahu” by Ruth Margalit

“The New Yorker”: “How Nasty Was Nero Really?” by Rebecca Mead

“The New Yorker”: “A Reporter At large: The Murder Scandalizing Brazil’s Evangelical Church” by Jon Lee Anderson

“The New Yorker”: “How A City Comes Back to Life” by Adam Gopnik

“The New Yorker”: “The ProPublica Revelations Show Why We Need to Tax Wealth More Effectively” by John Cassidy

“ProPublica”: “The Secret IRS Files: Inside the Tax Records of the 0.01 %”

“The New York Times”: “Fat Cats on a Hot Tin Roof” by Maureen Dowd

“The New York Times”: “How to Think Outside Your Brain” by Annie Murphy Paul

“The New York Times”: “An Israeli Death and the Tangled Conflict It Left Behind” by Roger Cohen

“The New York Times”: “A House Divided: A Palestinian, A Settler and the Struggle for East Jerusalem” by Patrick Kingsley

“The New York Times”: “A Path for Forgiveness After Unimaginable Loss in Iraq” by Jane Arraf

“The New York Times”: “In Shadow of Navalny Case, What’s Left of Russia’s Opposition?” by Andrew E. Kramer

“The New York Times”: “What Is a Flying Car?”  by Cade Metz& Erin Griffith

“The New York Times”: “The Ezra Klein Show: Barack Obama on Joe Biden ‘Finishing the Job’”

“The New York Times”: “What Kind of City Should New York Be?” by Kim Phillips-Fein

“The New York Times”: “Why the Lab Leak Theory Matters” by Ross Douthat

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Mystery of the $113 Million Deli” by Jesse Barron

“The New York Times Magazine”: “New York Is Back. Now It Has a Second Chance” by Jonathan Mahler (text) and Jorge Colombo (illustrations)

..........Kalenderwoche 24..............

“The Guardian”: “How the Covid shock has revolutionized generation Z” by Paul Mason

“The Guardian”: Podcast - “The Wuhan lab leak theory”

“The Guardian”: “’So many revolutions to lead’: Europe’s generation Z on their post-Covid future”

“The Guardian”: “’A question of dignity’: the pathologist identifying migrants drowned in the Med” by Lorenzo Tondo

“The Guardian”: “The United Kingdom was always a fragile institution – but what will replace it?” by Alex Niven

“The Guardian”: “Naftali Bennet, Israel’s far-left prime minister in waiting” by Oliver Holmes

“The Guardian”: “Why Israeli progressives have started to talk about ‘apartheid” by Michael Sfard

“The Guardian”: “The long read – The empty office: what we lose when we work from home” by Gillian Tett

“The Guardian”: “The long read: Is it too late to save Hong Kong from Beijing’s authoritarian grasp?” by Howard W French

“The Guardian”: “The long read: Why every single statue should come down” by Gary Younge

“Longreads”: “The State of Waiting” by Caitlyn Dwyer

“Politico Magazine”: “Caitlyn Jenner Wants to Turn Celebrity into Power. But Why?” by Michael Kruse

“Politico Magazine”: “The Biden Revolution Sputters Before It Even Gets Started” by Rich Lowry

“Galaxy Brain”: ”The Internet Is Flat” by Charlie Warzel

“The New York Review”: “’Reality Rebellion’” by Mark Danner

“The New York Review”: “Cracks in the Israeli Consensus” by David Shulman

“The New York Review”: “’Democracy Is at Stake’” by Claudia Dreifus

“The New York Review”: “China’s Spring” by Orville Schell

“The New Yorker”: “Annals of Technology: How to Negotiate with Ransom Ware Hackers” by Rachel Monroe

“The New Yorker”: “Letter from Silicon Valley: The Pied Piper of SPACS” by Charles Duhigg

“The New Yorker”: “Books: The Last Battle Over Big Business” by Nicholas Lemann

“The New Yorker”: “Protests in Colombia, Elections in Peru, and Other Chaos in the Andes” by Jon Lee Andersen

“The New Yorker”: “Dept. of Returns: The Age of Reopening Anxiety” by Anna Russell

“The New York Times”: “France Is Becoming More Like America. It’s Terrible” by Cole Stangler

“The New York Times”: “’I Had never Faced the Reality of Death’: A Surgeon Becomes a Patient” by Denise Grady

“The New York Times”: “My Ears Might Never Be Bored Again” by Farhad Manjoo

“The New York Times”: “United Airlines Wants to Bring Back Supersonic Air Travel” by Lauren Hirsch

“The New York Times”: “Does Virtual Reality Therapy Help?” by Dani Blum

“The New York Times”: “Something Bothering You. Talk to a Woebot” by Karen Brown

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Disease Detective” by Jennifer Kahn

“The New York Times Magazine”: “What Will My Son Remember of This Horrible Year” by Alejandro Zambra

“The Washington Post”: “A Palestinian Writer and an Israel Writer Exchange Emails – and Seek Common Ground”

“The Washington Post”: “Gaza’s bereaved civilians fear justice will never come” by Karin Laub & Fares Akram

«The Washington Post»: «Joe Biden: My trip to Europe is about America rallying the world’s democracies” by Joe Biden

..........Kalenderwoche 23..........

“The New York Times”: “There Is a Solution to the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” by Tzipi Livni

“The New York Times”: ”Gaza: They Were Only Children” by Mona El-Naggar, Adam Rasgon & Mona Boshnaq

“The New York Times”: “Russia Raises Heat on Twitter, Google and Facebook in Online Crackdown” by Adam Satariano & Oleg Matsnev

“The New York Times”: “Every Belarusian Journalist I Know Is in Jail or Exile” by Alexey Kovalev

“The New York Times”: “They Went wo War, They’re Now Back, Burying Their Own” by Jaspar Craven

“The New York Times”: “Ask Yourself Which Books You Truly Love” by Salman Rushdie

The New York Times”: “The Take: Film or Real Life” by Jolie Ruben, Amanda Webster (production) & Raillan Brooks (interviews)

“The New York Times”: “Summer Readings”

“The New York Times”: “What the Tulsa Race Massacre Destroyed” by Yuliya Pashina-Kottas, Anjali Singhvy, Audra D. S. Burch, Troy Griggs, Mika Gröndahl, Lingdong Huang, Tim Wallace, Jeremy White & Josh Williams

“The New York Times Magazine”: “100 Years After the Tulsa Massacre, What Does Justice Look Like?” by Caleb Gayle

“The New York Times Magazine”: “America Is on the Road to a Better Economy. But Better for Whom?” by Ben Casselman

“The New Yorker”: “Annals of Espionage: Are U.S. Officials Under Secret Attack?” by Adam Entous

“The New Yorker”: “Brave New World Dept.: What Robots Can – and Can’t Do – for the Old and Lonely” by Katie Engelhart

“The New Yorker”: “American Chronicles: Are We Entering a New Political Era?” by Andrew Marantz

“The New Yorker”: “A Reporter At Large: The Dark Side of Congo’s Cobalt Rush” by Nicolas Niarchos

“The New Yorker”: “A Critic At Large: From Guns to Gay Marriage: How Did Rights Take over Politics?” by Kelefa Sanneh

“The New Yorker”: “Comment: In Gaza, an Impasse Cannot Be Taken for Stability” by Steve Coll

“The New Yorker”: “The Sudden Rise of the Coronavirus Lab-Leak Theory” by Benjamin Wallace-Wells

“The New Yorker”: “The Power and Paranoia of the BBC’s Princess Diana Interview” by Sam Knight

“The New York Review”: “What Price Is Right?” by Cass R. Sunstein

“The Washington Post”: “Timeline: How the Wuhan lab-leak theory suddenly became credible” by Glenn Kessler

“The Guardian”: “’Boxing is a mess’: the darkness and damage of brain trauma in the ring” by Donald McRae

“The Guardian”: “Will rule of law succeed where Congress failed and hold Trump accountable?” by David Smith

“The Guardian”: “From tribal politics to the world stage: New Zealand’s pioneering foreign minister” by Tess McClure

“The Guardian”: “Did Jordan’s closest allies plot to unseat its king” by Martin Chulov & Michael Safi

“The Guardian”: “The BBC has blundered. But its enemies must not be free to define its future” by Alan Rusbridger

“Politico Magazine”: “What George Floyd Changed” by Politico Magazine

“Politico Magazine”: “The Women Who Enabled Jeffrey Epstein” by Tara Palmeri

“The Intercept”: “Israeli Police Round Up Palestinian Protesters Out of Global Spotlight” by Robert Mackey

“The Intercept”: “Deconstructed Podcast: Life and Death in Occupied Palestine”

“ProPublica”: “How the U.S. Triggered a Massacre in Mexico” by Ginger Thompson

“The Atlantic”: “Other Regimes Will Hijack Planes Too” by Anne Applebaum

“GQ”: “The Marathon Men Who Can’t Go Home” by David Alm

..........Kalenderwoche 22..........

“The Guardian”: “We don’t recognize our own city: Israeli barrage redraws the map of Gaza” by Oliver Holmes and Hashem Balousha

“The Guardian”: “From the river to the sea, Jews and Arabs must forge a shared future” by Kenan Malik

“The Guardian”: “The long read: A Jewish case for Palestinian refugee return” by Peter Beinart

“The Guardian”: “Israel should take note: the weight of opinion is turning against it” by Jonathan Freedland

“The Guardian”: “Boycotts and sanctions helped rid South Africa of apartheid – is Israel next in line?” by Chris McGreal

“The Guardian”: “Podcast: Life inside Gaza during 11 days of bombardment”

“The Guardian”: “What links cybercrime, terrorism and illegal trade? Dark money” by Oliver Bullough

“The Guardian”: “Stench of death pervades rural India as Ganges swells with Covid victims” by Hannah Ellis-Petersen & Saurabh Sharma

“The Guardian”: “Lock him up? Why is repeat offender Donald Trump still a free man?” by Simon Tisdall

“The Guardian”: “Parents risk children’s lives – the alternatives are worse': on board a migrant rescue ship” by Sara Cincurova

“The Guardian”: “The long read – ‘A united nations of crime’: how Marbella became a magnet for gangsters” by Nacho Carretero & Arturo Lezcano

“The Guardian”: “Podcast: Rio de Janeiro’s deadliest police raid”

“The Atlantic”: “No One Is Coming to Help the Palestinians” by Kim Ghattas

“Wired”: “The Full Story of the Stunning RSC Hack Can Finally Be Told” by Andy Greeberg

“The Washington Post”: “The only way to solve the Israeli-Palestinian problem” by Fareed Zakaria

“The Washington Post”: “As cryptocurrency goes wild, fears grow about who might get hurt” by Hamza Shaban

“The Washington Post”: “After the violence in ’Football City, USA” by Kent Babb

“The New York Times”: “Secret Sharers: The Hidden Ties Between Private Spies and Journalists” by Barry Meier

“The New York Times”: “The Untold Story of the NFT Boom” by Clive Thompson

“The New York Times”: “Has Biden Changed? He Tells Us” by David Brooks

“The New Yorker”: “The Larger Lessons of Liz Cheney’s Ouster” by Nicholas Lemann

“The New York Times”: “How Republicans Could Steal the 2024 Elections” by Michelle Goldberg

“The New York Times”: “These Invisible Whales Could Sink the Economy” by Alexis Goldstein

“The New York Times”: “Israel’s Real Existential Threat” by Yossi Klein Halevi

“The New York Times”: “Israel Is Falling Apart, Because the Conflict Controls Us” by Dahlia Scheindlin

“The New York Times”: “Mob violence Against Palestinians in Israel Is Fuelled by WhatsApp Groups” by Sheera Frenkel

“The New Yorker”: “American Chronicles - Burnout: Modern Affliction or Human Condition?” by Jill Lepore

“The New Yorker”: “Medical Dispatch: The Lonely, Vital Work of Medical Interpretation” by Clifford Marks

“The New Yorker”: “The Sporting Scene: Can Horseracing Survive?” by William Finnegan

“Politico Magazine”: “’I’d Never Been Involved in Anything as Secret as This” by Garrett M. Graff

“Pro Publica”: “Who Is This Monster?” by Catherine Rentz (text) & Isabel Seliger (illustrations)

“The New York Review”: “How Can We Stop Gun Violence?” by Francesca Mari

“The New York Review”: “The Roots of Ruanda’s Genocide” by Helen Epstein & Claude Gatebuke

“Foreign Policy”: “Bad News Bearers” by Michael Moran

..........Kalenderwoche 21..........

“The New York Times”: “After Years of Quiet, Israeli-Palestinian Conflict Exploded. Why Now?” by Patrick Kingsley

“The New York Times”: “Lies on Social Media Inflame Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” by Sheera Frankel

“The New York Times”: “What Your Taxes Are Paying for in Israel” by Nicholas Kristof

“The New York Times”: “If the Left Got Its Wish for Israel” by Bret Stephens

“The New York Times”: “Palestinian Refugees Deserve to Go Home. Jews Should Understand” by Peter Beinart

“The New York Times”: “Bernie Sanders: The U.S. Must Stop Being an Apologist for the Netanyahu Government” by Bernie Sanders

“The New York Times”: “A City Under Siege: What the War Looks Like on Afghanistan’s Front Line” by Thomas Gibbons-Neff

“The New York Times”: “What I Learned About Democracy from the Movies” by A.O. Scott

“The New York Times”: “Nonfiction: To Understand Amazon, We Must Understand Jeff Bezos” by Ben Smith

“The New York Times”: “The Moon, Mars and Beyond: China’s Ambitious Plans in Space” by Steven Lee Myers

“The New York Times”: “Drag Commodity Traders Out of the Shadow” by Javier Blas & Jack Farchy

“The New Yorker”: “Is Mars Ours?” by Adam Mann

“The New Yorker”: “Personal History: Pearls” by David Sedaris

“The New Yorker”: “A Reporter At Large: Robinhood’s Bug Gamble” by Sheela Kolhatkar

“The New Yorker”: “We’ve Had Had Great Success Extending Life. What About Ending It?” by Brooke Jarvis

“The New York Review”: “The King of Little England” by Fintan O’Toole

“The New York Review”: “Ending the Kennedy Romance” by Michael Kazin

“The New York Review”: “The Future of Fracking” by Willa Glickman

“The Washington Post”: “The roar of an Israeli airstrike, buildings collapsed and a family buried under rubble” by Hazem Balousha & Loveday Morris

“The Washington Post”: “The new CNN is more opinionated and emotional. Can it still be ‘the most trusted name in news’?” by Jeremy Barr

“The Atlantic”: “How Capitalism Drives Cancel Culture” by Helen Lewis

“The Atlantic”: “Unlocking the Mysteries of Long COVID” by Meghan O’Rourke

“The Intercept”: “States can’t control the narrative on Israel-Palestine any more” by Murtaza Hussain

“The Guardian”: “The violence that began at Jerusalem’s ancient holy sites is driven by a distinctly modern zeal” by Yair Wallach

“The Guardian”: “Once this violence in Israel and Gaza ends, there can be no return to ‘normal” by Johnathan Freedland

“The Guardian”: “EU citizens arriving in UK being locked up and expelled” by Giles Tremlett & Lisa O’Carroll

“The Guardian”: “’Bodies are being eaten by hyenas; girls of eight raped’: inside the Tigray conflict” by Tracy McVeigh

“The Guardian”: “Liz Cheney’s ousting proves ‘the big lie’ is the Republican Party’s religion” by David Smith

“The Guardian”: “Can ‘Never Trump’ Republicans gain party control or is it a lost cause?” by David Smith

“The Guardian”: “Podcast: Can Labour survive Britain’s political realignment?”

“The Guardian”: “Why is the world still being hit by wave after wave of Covid when we know how to stop it?” by Helen Clark & Ellen Johnson Sirleaf

“The Guardian”: “Podcast – Cold comfort: how cold water swimming cured my broken heart”

“Wired”: “Here’s What It Takes to fly a Drone on Mount Everest” by Mark Synnott

“Outside”: “Emily Ford Hiked 1’200 Miles in the Dead of Winter” by Grayson Haver Currin

..........Kalenderwoche 20..........

“The Guardian”: “Interview - ’He’s like an upside down iceberg’: historian Jon Meacham on Joe Biden” by David Smith

“The Guardian”: “To understand why Joe Biden has shifted left, look at the people working for him” by Joel Wertheimer

“The Guardian”: “Decades ahead of this time: history catches up with visionary Jimmy Carter” by Megan Mayhew Bergman

“The Guardian”: “Podcast: America’s gun debate – why we’re getting it so wrong”

“The Guardian”: “Why do Americans die earlier then Europeans?” by Samuel Preston & Yana Vierboom

“The Guardian”: “It’s not just in Britain – across Europe social democracy is losing its way” by Tarik Abou-Chadi & Jane Gingrich

“The Guardian”: “Interview – Michael Lewis: We were incentivized to have a bad pandemic response” by Andrew Anthony

“The Guardian”: “The long read - Escape to glory: the intoxicating myth of boxing as ‘a way out’” by Declan Ryan

“The Guardian”: “Times change, but the Guardian’s values don’t: 200 years, and we’ve only just begun” by Katherine Viner

“The Guardian”: “Covering India’s Covid crisis: ‘Hundreds of journalists have lost their lives” by Hannah Ellis-Peterson as told to Sophie Zeldin-O’Neil

“The Observer”: “Raid on Dieppe masked secret mission to steal Nazi’s enigma machine” by Andrew Gumbel

“The Atlantic”: “India Is What Happens When Rich People Do Nothing” by Vidya Krishnan

“The Atlantic”: “Can Democrats Avoid a Wipeout in 2022?” by Ronald Brownstein

“The Atlantic”: “The GOP Is a Grave Threat to American Democracy” by Peter Wehner

“The New York Times”: “Evictions in Jerusalem Become Focus of Israeli-Palestinian Conflict” by Patrick Kingsley

“The New York Times”: “Why Jerusalem’s Aqsa Mosque Is an Arab-Israeli Fuse” by Rick Gladstone

“The New York Times”: “Rights Group Hits Israel with Explosive Charge:. Apartheid” by Patrick Kingsley

“The New York Times”: “Is There A War Coming between China and the U.S.?” by Thomas L. Friedman

“The New York Times”: “’Belonging Is Stronger Than Facts’: The Age if Disinformation” by Max Fisher

“The New York Times”: “The Psychedelic Revolution Is Coming. Psychiatry May Never Be the Same” by Andrew Jacobs”

“The New York Times”: “Is Capitalism Killing Conservativism?” by Ross Douthat

“The New York Times”: “17 Years. That’s How Long I’ve Waited to Hear These Insects” by David Rothenberg

“The New York Times”: “The Art Market Often Works in Secret. Here’s a Look Inside” by Albert-Laszlo Barabasi

“The New York Times”: “5 Minutes That Will Make You Love Choral Music”

"The New York Times Magazine”: “Liz Cheney vs. MAGA” by Robert Draper

“The New Yorker”: ”Biden’s Great Economic Rebalancing” by John Cassidy

“The New Yorker”: “Letter from Glasgow: Nicola Sturgeon’s Quest for Scottish Independence” by Sam Knight

“The New Yorker”: “On the Border, Two Versions of One Immigration Reality” by Stephania Talarid

“The New Yorker”: “How the Pentagon Started Taking U.F.O.s Seriously” by Gideon Lewis-Kraus

“The New York Review”: “Losing No Time” by Jessica T. Mathews

“The New York Review”: “Marc Riboud’s Roving Lens” by Carole Naggar

“The New York Review”: “Ancient Egypt for the Egyptians” by Ursula Lindsey

“The Washington Post”: “If Bill and Melinda Gates can’t make a marriage work, what hope is there for the rest of us” by Lisa Bonos

“The Washington Post”: “Who is Alexi Navalny, the Kremlin critic who has fallen ill in a Russian penal colony?” by Adam Taylor, Ruby Mellon, Siobhan O’Grady & Miriam Berger

“The Washington Post”: “From memes to race war: how extremists use popular culture to lure recruits” by Marc Fisher

“Wired”: “The Confessions of a Hacker Who Saved the Internet” by Andy Greenberg

“Bloomberg Businessweek”: “The Untold Story of How Jeff Bezos Beat the Tabloids” by Brad Stone

..........Kalenderwoche 19..........

“The Guardian”: “The long read – “’We are witnessing a crime against humanity’: Arundhati Roy on India’s Covid catastrophe” by Arundhati Roy

“The Guardian”: “It’s unfathomable’: Israel mourns after deadly crush at religious festival” by Oliver Holmes, Quique Kierszenbaum & Harriet Sherwood

“The Guardian”: “The long read – The clockwork universe: is free will an illusion?” by Oliver Burkeman

“The Guardian”: “The Man on a mission to reveal the ‘souls’ of vanishing glaciers” by Patrick Barkham

“The Guardian”: “’War weary’ Libya reflects 10 years in from Gaddafi and Arab Spring” by Peter Beaumont

“The Guardian”: “Interview - Mona Eltahawy: ‘Feminism is not a T-shirt or a 5 tom 9 job. It’s my existence” by Sirin Kale

“The Guardian”: “Celebrating Derek Chauvin’s conviction is not enough. We want to live” by Derecka Purnell

“The Guardian”: “Podcast: Is sitting still slowly killing us?”

“The Guardian”: “Can any fool read the news? Tim Dowling finds out” by Tim Dowling

“The Guardian”: “The ‘doctor’ keeps watch: Assad posters loom over shattered Syria – in pictures”

“the Paris Review”: “A Kind of Packaged Aging Process” by Ian Morris

“The Intercept”: “Deconstructed Podcast: Joe Biden’s War Powers”

“The Intercept”: “Joe Biden: Empire Politician» by Jeremy Scahill

“Vanity Fair”: “The Royal Family’s Continental Rift” by Michelle Ruiz

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“The New York Times”: “Phone Scammers Talked Her into Handing Over $33 Million” by Tiffany May

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“The New York Times”: “Why Trump Is Still Their Guy” by Thomas B. Edsall

“The New York Times”: “The Robot Surgeon Will See You Now” by Cade Metz

“The New York Times Magazine”: “How Long Can We Live?” by Ferris Jabr

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Joy of Playing Soccer with Strangers” by Geneva Abdul

“The Washington Post”: “By bearing witness – and hitting ‘record – 17-year-old Darnella Frazier may have changed the world” by Margaret Sullivan

“The Washington Post”: “The verdict: His life mattered” by Robin Givhan

“The Washington Post Magazine”: “The Search for Environmental Hope” by David Montgomery

“The Washington Post Magazine”: “The Emergence of Jews in Colombia” by Heidi Paster Harf

“Harper’s Magazine”: “Sign of the Times” by James Harkin

..........Kalenderwochen 17 + 18..........

“The New York Times”: “I Fought in Afghanistan. I still wonder, Was it Worth It?” by Timothy Kudo

“The New York Times”: “Afghans Wonder ‘What About Us?’ as U. S. Troops Prepare to Withdraw” by Thomas Gibbons-Neff

“The New York Times”: “The Crucial Questions for Afghanistan” by Adam Nossiter

“The New York Times”: “How the U.S. Plans to Fight from Afar After Troops Exit Afghanistan” by Eric Schmitt & Helen Cooper

“The New York Times”: “13 Key Moments That Shaped the Trial of Derek Chauvin” by Will Wright

“The New York Times”: “The Books That Made Me: 8 Writers on Their Literary Inspiration”

“The New York Times”: “Why Spy Agencies Say the Future Is Bleak” by The Editorial Board

“The New York Times”: “100 Days Without Trump in Twitter: A Nation Scrolls More Calmly” by Sarah Lyall

“The New York Times”: “Bernard Madoff, Architect of Largest Ponzi Scheme in History, Is Dead at 82” by Diana B. Henriques

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Woman Who Made Van Gogh” by Russell Shorto

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Andrew Cuomo’s White-Knuckle Ride” by Matt Flegenheimer

“The New Yorker”: “The Lessons of America’s Longest War” by Steve Coll

“The New Yorker”: “Our Local Correspondents: Fighting America’s Gun Plague” by Ian Frazier

“The New Yorker”: “Q & A. How the Pandemic Changed Europe” by Isaac Chotiner

“The New Yorker”: “Last Exit from Afghanistan” by Dexter Filkins

“The New Yorker”: “The G.O.P.’s Matt Gaetz Problem” by Amy Davidson Sorkin

“The New York Review”: “The Companionship of Nature” by Colin Thubron

“The New York Review”: “Can America Remain Preeminent’” by Howard W. French

“Politico Magazine”: “Panic Rooms, Birth Certificates and the Birth of GOP Paranoia” by John Boehner

“Politico Magazine”: “McConnell vs. Trump: Why the GOP Is Right to Worry” by Jeff Greenfield

“Politico Magazine”: “The Tragic Mediocrity of U.S. Congress” by John F. Harris

«The Washington Post»: «Investigations – The war in Afghanistan – Promises to win, but no victory” by Craig Whitlock

“The Washington Post”: “Cuba’s Castro period to end as Raul announces he will step down from Communist Party post” by Anthony Faiola

“The Guardian”: “What did 20 years of Western intervention in Afghanistan? Ruination” by Simon Jenkins

“The Guardian”: “’ Terrible days ahead’: Afghanistan’s women fear the return of the Taliban” by Akhtar Mohammed Makoii / Michael Safi

“The Guardian”: “Myanmar’s lost generation: nation’s youth scarifying futures for freedom” by Guardian reporter in Myanmar

“The Guardian”: “World Press Photo 2021 winners – in pictures”

“The Guardian”: “Podcast: David Cameron’s lobbying scandal”

“The Guardian”: “The long read – Out of thin air – the mystery of the man who fell from the sky” by Sirin Kale

“The Guardian”: “It’s a day off”: wiretaps show Mediterranean migrants were left to die” by Lorenzo Tondo

“The Guardian”: “Hong Kong’s Jimmy Lai and his media empire face uncertain future” by Vincent Ni

“The Guardian”: “Millions of Americans think the election was stolen. How worried should we be about more violence?” by Lois Beckett

“London Review of Books”: “Gargantuanisation” by John Lanchester

“London Review of Books”: “LRB Podcast: The Long Way Round” by John Lanchester & Thomas Jones

“Wired”: “An Oral History of the Day Everything Changed” by Garrett M. Graff

..........Kalenderwoche 16..........

“The Guardian”: “Obituary: The Duke of Edinburgh” by Stephen Bates

“The Guardian”: “The consequences of Boris Johnson’s careless Brexit are playing out in Northern Ireland” by Jonathan Freedland

“The Guardian”: “’It’s an utter myth’: how Nomadland exposes the cult of the western” by Xen Brooks

“The Guardian”: “Prince Philip had a walk-on part in the royal drama, but he played it to perfection” by Simon Jenkins

“The Guardian”: “The long read - Among the Covid sceptics: ‘We are being manipulated, without a shadow of a doubt’” by Samira Shackle

“The Guardian”: “Macron announces closure of elite school that hothoused France’s leaders” by Kim Willsher

“The Guardian”: “’ They were survivors: the Jewish cartoonists who fled the Nazis” by Nadja Sayej

“The Guardian”: “Podcast: the death of George Floyd and the case against Derek Chauvin”

“The Atlantic”: “’I Never Thought China Could Ever Be This Dark’” by Melissa Chan

“The Atlantic”: “What If Andrew Yang Wins?” by Annie Lowrey

“The New Yorker”: “Dept. of Science: Why Animals Don’t Get Lost” by Kathryn Schulz

“The New Yorker”: “A Reporter At Large: Surviving the Crackdown at Xinjiang” by Raffi Khatchadourian

“The New York Review”: “Eclipsed by Fame” by James Gleick

“The New York Review”: “Editing Humanity’s Future” by Natalie de Souza

“The New York Review”: “Welcome to Germany” by Thomas Rogers

“The New York Review”: “No More Mother-Saviours” by Sophie Pinkham

“The New Yorker”: “How Bellingcat Unmasked Putin’s Assassins” by Joshua Yaffa

“The New York Times”: “The Deepest Diver in the History of Free Diving Goes Below the Ice” by Adam Skolnick

“The New York Times”: “Can We Really Picture Auschwitz?” by Bret Stephens

“The New York Times”: “Returning to the Office Sparks Anxiety and Dread for Some” by Julie Creswell & Peter Eavis

“The New York Times”: “In Bid to Boost Its Profile, ISIS Turns to Africa’s Militants” by Christina Goldbaum & Eric Schmitt

“The New York Times”: “Prince Philip, the Man Who Walked Two Paces Behind the Queen” by Tina Brown

“The New York Times”: “Prince Philip, Husband of Queen Elizabeth II, Is Dead at 99” by Marilyn Berger

“The New York Times”: “We Have All Hit a Wall” by Sarah Lyall

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Their Lawsuit Prevented 400’000 Deportations. Now It’s Biden’s Call” by Marcela Valdes

“The Intercept”: “Deconstructed: A Big New Idea to End the Border Crisis”

“The Intercept”: “The Democratic Party’s Consultant Factory” by Ryan Grim & Rachel A. Cohen

“The Washington Post”: “A question at the heart of the Derek Chauvin trial: whose fear matters?” by Monica Hesse

“The Washington Post”: “My unusual week with Myanmar’s violent, paranoid military junta” by Allegra Mendelson

“The Washington Post”: “The U.S. and British right ramp up the war on ‘wokeness’” by Ishaan Tharoor

“The Washington Post”: “How Nancy Reagan helped end the Cold War” by Karen Tumulty

“Harper’s”: “Il Maestro” by Martin Scorcese

..........Kalenderwoche 15..........

“The New York Times”: “He Built a $10 billion investment firm. It Fell Apart in Days” by Kate Kelly, Matthew Goldstein, Marr Phillips & Andrew Ross Sorkin

“The New York Times”: “The Freeing of the Ever Given” by Serge Schmemann

“The New York Times”: “What Can You Do Once You’re Vaccinated?” by Tara Haelle

“The New York Times”: “How Covid Can Change Your Personality” by David Brooks

“The New York Times”: “The Real Reasons for the Border Crisis” by Christopher Landau

“The New York Times”: “America Has a Ruling Class” by Samuel Goldman

“The New York Times”: “’No Place for a Child’: Inside the Tent Camp Housing Thousands of Children” by Miriam Jordan

“The New York Times”: “In Empty Amsterdam, Reconsidering Tourism” by Paige McClanahan

“The New York Times Magazine”: “How to Befriend an Eagle?” by Malia Wollan

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Senator Mazie Hirono Wonders How Some Republicans Live with Themselves” by David Marchese

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The City Losing Its Children to H.I.V.” by Helen Ouyang (text) & Sara Caron (photographs)

“The New Yorker”: “Annals of Inquiry: Why Computers Won’t Make Themselves Smarter” by Ted Chiang

“The New Yorker”: “Profiles: How Elizabeth Loftus Changed the Meaning of Memory” by Rachel Aviv

“The New Yorker”: “Inside the Koch-Based Effort to Block the Largest Election-Reform Bill in Half a Century” by Jane Meyer

“The New Yorker”: “Books: The Politics of Stopping Pandemics” by Jerome Groopman

“The New Yorker”: “What Alexey Navalny Is Experiencing in Prison” by Masha Gessen

“The New York Review”: “The Visible Translator” by Tim Parks

“The New York Review”: “The Lure of the White Sands” by Rich Cohen

“The Washington Post”: “How the Ever Given was freed from the Suez Canal. A visual analysis” by Atthar Mirza, Julia Ledur & Ruby Mellen

“The Washington Post”: “The U.S. system created the world’s most advanced military. Can it maintain an edge?” by Missy Ryan

“The Washington Post”: “Lose yourself in the hypnotic allure of YouTube’s  cab-ride train-travel videos” by Mark Jenkins

“Politico Magazine”: “6 Bold Ideas for Gun Reform That Could Actually Happen” by Matt Valentine

“Politico Magazine”: “How Biden Became the Dollar Sign President” by Rich Lowry

“The Guardian”: “’An atmosphere of terror’: the bloody rise of Mexico’s top cartel” by Tom Phillips & Analy Nuňo

“The Guardian”: “’We’re in a really good place’: is Israel nearing the Covid-endgame?” by Oliver Holmes & Quique Kierszenbaum

“The Guardian”: “The US dollar’s hegemony is looking fragile” by Kenneth Rogoff

“The Guardian”: “Form colonialism to Covid: Viet Than Nguyen on the rise of anti-Asian violence” by Viet Thanh Nguyen

“The Guardian”: “Dominion: will one Canadian company bring down Trump’s empire of disinformation?” by David Smith

“The Guardian”: “Podcast: Unblocking the Suez Canal”

“The Guardian”: “Top 10 books about New York” by Craig Taylor

“The Guardian”: “Who pays for Suez blockage?” by Ruth Michaelson & Michael Safi

“Columbia Journalism Review”: “The journalism crisis across the world” by Lauren Harris

“Columbia Journalism Review”: “What has journalism learned from the pandemic?” by Amanda Darrach

“Wired”: “How to Stop Misinformation Before It Gets Shared” by Renee Diresta & Tobias Rose-Stockwell

..........Kalenderwoche 14..........

“The Guardian”: “And the band played on: Bob Dylan at 80” by Neil Spencer

“The Guardian”: “Podcast: The aftermath of a rape”

“The Guardian”: “’We monitor its every breath’: inside Mount Etna’s war room” by Lorenzo Tondo

“The Guardian”: “The last must-have among US billionaires? A plan to end the climate crisis” by Oliver Milman & Dominic Rushe

“The Guardian”: “Is this the end of forests as we’ve known them?” by Alastair Gee

“The Guardian”: “America’s dirty divide: how environmental racism leaves the vulnerable behind” by Frida Garza

“The Observer”: “The UK professor, a fake Russian spy and the undercover Syria sting” by Peter Beaumont & Emma Graham Harrison

“Politico Magazine”: “There’s an Immigration Crisis, But It’s not the One You Think” by Zack Stanton

“Politico Magazine”: “The ‘Green Energy’ That Might Be ruining the Planet” by Michael Greenwald

“The Intercept”: “Deconstructed: Daniel Ellsberg on Biden and Whistleblowers”

“The Intercept”: “The Paraquat Poisoning Problem” by Sharon Lerner

“The Intercept”: “Yes, Blame Christian Fundamentalism for the Atlanta Murders” by Judith Levine

“The New York Review”: “Weaponizing the Web” by Sue Halpern

“The New York Review”: “MeToo in Egypt and Morocco” by Ursula Lindsay

“The New York Review”: “The Reader of Rocks” by Jenny Uglow

“The New York Review”: “We’ll Always Have Paris” by Diane Johnson

“The New Yorker”: “The Return of Mass Shootings” by Adam Gopnik

“The New Yorker”: “Books: What Data Can’t Do” by Hannah Fry

“The New Yorker”: “The Dehumanizing of Asian Women” by Jianyang Fan

“The New Yorker”: “The Wasting of the Evangelical Mind” by Michael Luo

“The New Yorker”: “Why Biden Has Few Good Options At the Border” by Jonathan Blitzer

“The New Yorker”: “Campaign Chronicles: The Power of Political Disinformation in Iowa” by Peter Slevin

“The New Yorker”: “The Rise of Therapy Speak” by Katy Waldman

“The New York Times”: “Inside Myanmar’s Army: ‘They See Protesters as Criminals” by Hannah Beech

“The New York Times”: “Images from ‘A Day of Shame”, with Score Shot Dead” by The New York Times (images)

“The New York Times”: “Misogyny Fuels Violence Against Women. Should It Be a Hate Crime” by Alisha Haridasani Gupta

“The New York Times”: “The Swift Collapse of a Company Built on Debt” by Eshe Nelson, Jack Ewing & Liz Alderman

“The New York Times”: “Searching for Roger Federer” by Dave Seminara

“The New York Times”: “Why Did Someone Pay $ 560’000 for a Picture of My Column?” by Kevin Roose

“The New York Times”: “Israel’s Shadow War with Iran Moves Out to Sea” by Patrick Kingsley, Ronen Bergman, Farnaz Fassihi & Eric Schmitt

“The New York Times”: “I Survived 18 Years in Solitary Confinement” by Ian Manuel

“The New York Times”: “Nonfiction: What Is Amazon Doing to Our Country?” by Xiaowei Wang

“The New York Times”: “The Argument: Is It Time to Cancel Cancel Culture?”

“The Washington Post”: “What covid-19 did to travel and what it will do” by Christopher Elliott

..........Kalenderwoche 13..........

“The New York Times”: “To Save the Earth, Fall in Love” by Timothy Egan

“The New York Times”: “NASA’s Last Rocket” by David W. Brown

“The New York Times”: “Can We Learn Anything form Horses?” by Caity Weaver

“The New York Times”: ”She Was Just Walking Home” by Moya Lothian-McLean

“The New York Times”: “’A Perfect World’ Around Every Miniature Bend” by Christopher F. Schuetze

“The New York Times”: “Your Face Is Not Your Own” by Kashmir Hill (text) & Zach Lieberman (art)

“The New York Times Magazine”: “Ken Burns Still Haus Faith in a Shared American Story” by David Marchese

“The New York Times Magazine”: “A Secret War. Decades of Suffering. Will the U.S. Ever Make Good in Laos?” by George Black (text) & Christopher Anderson (photographs)

“The New Yorker”: “The Making of the New Left” by Louis Menand

“The New Yorker”: “Can Cyrus Vance, Jr., Nail Trump?” by Jane Mayer

“The New Yorker”: “Books: Graham Greene’s Dark Heart” by Joan Acocella

“The New Yorker”: “How Biden Rattled Putin” by Masha Gessen

“The New York Review”: “A Day in the Life of Abed Salama” by Nathan Thrall

“The Washington Post”: “Here’s the difference between the Democrats and the Republicans” by Jennifer Rubin

“The Washington Post”: “Biden’s window with Iran is closing” by Ishaan Tharoor

“The Washington Post”: “Here are the winners of this year’s Leica Women Foto Project” by Kenneth Dickerman

“The Washington Post”: “In the shadow of its exceptionalism, America fails to invest in the basics” by Griff Witte, Abigail Hauslohner & Emily Wax-Thibodeaux

“Politico”: “Trump was supposed to be a political Godzilla in exile. Instead, Now, he’s just adrift” by Gabby Orr & Meredith McGraw

“BuzzFeedNews”: “My Mom Believes in QAnon. I’ve Been Trying to Get Her Out” by Albert Samaha

“Harper’s”: “The Crow Whisperer” by Lauren Markham

“Longreads”: “Living with Dolly Parton” by Jessica Wilkerson

“The Guardian”: “The long read – The clown king: How Boris Johnson made it by playing the fool” by Edward Docx

“The Guardian”: “The Israeli and Palestinian elections both offend democracy – each in their own way” by Salam Barameh

“The Guardian”: “Is it time to abolish the British monarchy?”

“The Guardian”: “Arab spring: 10th anniversary – What happened to the Syrian refuges who got stuck in Turkey?” by Bethan McKernan & Hussein Akoush

“The Guardian”: “Beyoncé’s 30 greatest songs – ranked!” by Alex Petridis

“The Guardian”: “’We choose good guys and bad guys’: beneath the myth of ‘model’ Ruanda” by Peter Beaumont

“The Guardian”: “This city was working to its police budget in half – then violent crime started to rise” by Abené Clayton

“The Guardian”: “Adversity – and what it takes to overcome it” by Mark Rice-Oxley

“The Guardian”: “The long read - Hunting for books in the ruins. How Syria’s rebel librarians found hope” by Delphine Minoui

“The Guardian”: “The long read – ‘We believed we could remake ourselves any way we liked’: how the 1990s shaped #MeToo” by Eve Fairbanks

“Gal-dem”: “Are we ready for a UK republic?” by Kimberly McIntosh

“The Atlantic”: “Private Schools Have Become Really Obscene” by Caitlin Flanegan

“CNN”: “How One photographer shapes the way the world sees Joe Biden” by Kate Sullivan

..........Kalenderwoche 12..........

“The Guardian”: “On the ground in Yemen: ‘A place pf wonder overshadowed by conflict’” by Bethan McKernan

“The Guardian”: “How pandemic may finally sink Kashmir’s famous houseboats” by Azar Qadri & Hannah Ellis-Petersen

“The Guardian”: “The behaviour towards Meghan shows Britain learned nothing from Diana’s treatment” by Kate Williams

“The Guardian”: “Joe Biden might be in the White House, but Joe Manchin runs the presidency” by David Sirota

“The Guardian”: “Books: What I learned from reading books by women from every country in the world” by Sophie Baggott

“The Guardian”: “Podcast: Why has there been a rise in anti-Asian hate crime in the US?”

“The Guardian”: “In the footsteps of great female explorers”

“The Guardian”: “Women: An exhibition of British press photography” by Matt Fidler

“The Guardian”: “Rupert Murdoch at 90: What now for the media mogul?” by Mark Sweney

“The Guardian”: “Podcast: The great global vaccine divide”

“The Guardian”: “Three stories of hope: ten years on from Japan’s triple disaster” by Justin McCurry

“The Guardian”: “Japan’s 2011 tsunami, then and now – in pictures” by Kazuhiro Nogi/AFP/Getty Images

“The Guardian”: “The Missing Maga Crowd” by David Smith

“The Guardian”: “’My body is unserviceable and well past its-sell by date’: the last days of Avril Henry” by Katie Engelhardt

“The Observer”: “The monarchy: So what are they here for?” by Andrew Anthony

“The Atlantic”: “America without God” by Shadi Hamid

“The Atlantic”: “American Special Forces Are Everywhere” by Mark Bowden

“Politico Magazine”: “Our Era’s Defining Battle: Facts vs. Misinformation” by Zack Stanton

“Politico Magazine”: “Why So Many Politicians Are Such A---Holes” by John F. Harris

“The New York Times”: “Down With the British Monarchy” by Hamilton Nolan

“The New York Times”: “In Royal ‘Firm’, Business Always Comes First” by Mark Landler

“The New York Times”: “The Ezra Klein Show: The Case for Covid Optimism”

“The New York Times”: “7 Questions, 75 Artists, 1 Bad Year” by The New York Times

“The New York Times”: “The Week Our Reality Broke”

“The New York Times”: “A City Ruptured” by Nelson D. Schwartz (text) & Ashley Gilbertson (photographs)

“The New York Times”: “Do You Really Need to Fly?” by Farhad Manjoo

“The New York Times”: “The Imperious Rise and Accelerating Fall of Andrew Cuomo” by Shane Goldmacher

“The New York Times Magazine”: “19 Songs That Matter Right Now” by The New York Times Magazine

“The New Yorker”: “The Political Scene: What Is Happening to the Republicans?” by Jelani Cobb

“The New Yorker”: “Letter from Malibu: A Shooter in the Hills” by Dana Goodyear

“The New Yorker”: “A Reporter At Large: The Rise of Made-in-China Diplomacy” by Peter Hessler

“The New Yorker”: “The Vicar of Christ Calls on the Grand Ayatollah” by Robin Wright

“The New Yorker”: “Chronicling the Fallot from the Iraq War” by Peter Luke Mogelson (text) & Peter van Agtmael (photographs)

“The New Yorker”: “New York’s Year of COVID” by Nick Paumgarten

“The New Yorker”: “Books: How Much of your Stuff Belongs to Big Tech” by Elizabeth Kolbert

“The New Yorker”: “Cancel Culture Is Not a Movement” by Benjamin Wallace-Wells

“The New York Review”: “The Great Disenchantment Harry: Meghan & the Monarchy” by Matt Seaton

“The New York Review”: “Unveiling Iran” by Roya Hakakian

“The Washington Post”: “In the Russian woods, a feminist retreat from Putin’s pressures” by Isabelle Khurshudyan

“The Washington Post”: “Best friends separated in the Holocaust just reunited. They were ‘laughing like they were just 9 years old’, family said” by Sydney Page

“The Washington Post”: “Shopping tips, donkey jokes and gossip: Syrian diaspora logs on to revive ritual morning chats” by Sarah Dadouch

“Columbia Journalism Review”: “Will Hong Kong’s Free Press Survive?” by Elaine Yu

..........Kalenderwoche 11..........

“The New York Times”: “Heroines of Self-Hate” by Lucinda Rosenfeld

“The New York Times”: “The Secret Life of a Coronavirus” by Carl Zimmer

“The New York Times”: “Have You Seen How Many Israelis Just Visited the U.A. E.?” by Thomas L. Friedman

“The New York Times”: “The Price of Being a Social Media Star” by David Borenstein

“The New York Times”: “High on Their Own Supply” by Maureen Dowd

“The New York Times”: “For Planet Earth, No Tourisms Is A Blessing and a Curse” by Lisa W. Foderaro

“The New York Times”: “A Year Without Travel”

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Was the Hero of ‘Hotel Rwanda’. Now He’s Accused of Terrorism” by Joshua Hammer

“The New York Times Magazine”: “How One Looted Artefact Tells the Story of Modern Afghanistan” by Matthieu Aikins

“The New York Review”: “To Hell with Unity” by Fintan O’Toole

“The New York Review”: “Barack Obama: A Gift for the Long Game” by Darryl Pinckney

“The New York Review”: “World War II: Escape from Fortress Crete” by Colin Thubron

“The New York Review”: “Philosophy: Tune Out & Lean In” by Gregory Hays

“The New Yorker”: “A Reporter At Large: Last Exit from Afghanistan” by Dexter Filkins

“The New Yorker”: “What the Coronavirus Variants Mean for the End of the Pandemic” by  Dhruv Khullar

“The New Yorker”: “How to Build an Artificial Heart” by Joshua Rothman

“The New Yorker”: “Personal History: How to Practise” by Ann Patchett

“The New Yorker”: “What Is Mathematics?” by Alec Wilkinson

“The Washington Post”: “Cuomo and the old ‘I was just being playful” excuse” by Monica Hesse

“The Washington Post”: “The United States failed Khashoggi. It can protect others like him” by David Ignatius

“The Washington Post”: “Republicans aren’t fighting democrats. They’re fighting democracy” by Dana Milbank

“The Guardian”: “US militia group draws members form police and military, website leak shows” by Jason Wilson

“The Guardian”: “Ten grim lessons the world has learned from a decade of war in Syria” by Simon Tisdall

“The Guardian”: “The long read - ’I’m a woman who wants’: on disability and desire” by Molly McCully Brown

“The Guardian”: “Smile for the camera: the dark side of China’s emotion-recognition tech” by Michael Standaert

“The Guardian”: “Our rescue cat rescued us: how pets provided unconditional love in lockdown” by Guardian readers as told to Jenny Stevens

“The Guardian”: “What do near-death experiences mean and why do they fascinate us” by Alex Moshakis

“The Guardian”: “Podcast: The life and death of Robert Maxwell”

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“Politico Magazine”: “The Rise of the Biden Republicans” by Zack Stanton

“Granta”: “Death Takes the Lagoon” by Ariel Saranmandi

..........Kalenderwoche 10..........

“The Guardian”: “Stay, go, delay: Joe Biden is trapped and has no good options in Afghanistan” by Simon Tisdall

“The Guardian”: “Hawks in Israel and Iran agree: Biden’s bid to salvage nuclear deal must fail” by Simon Tisdall

“The Guardian”: “The Guardian documentary: My brother’s keeper a former Guantanamó detainee, his guard and their unlikely friendship”

“The Guardian”: “Beaver believers: Native Americans promote resurgence of ‘nature’s engineers’” by Lucy Sheriff

“The Guardian”: “Can you solve it? The art of the puzzle” by Alex Bellos

“The Guardian”: “Books: ‘’The man was obviously a crook’: the decline and fall of Robert Maxwell” by John Preston

“The Guardian”: “Hunting the men who kill women: Mexico’s femicide detectives” by Meghan Beatley

“The Guardian”: “The Zoom boom is horrible. I can no longer look at my face for hours on end” by Zoe Williams

“The Guardian”: “Four years at sea, now just metres from shore: ‘living hell’ of stranded UAE ship” by Karen McVeigh

“The Observer”: “What Can We Learn from Africa’s experience of Covid?” by Laura Spinney

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“The Washington Post”: “500’000 dead: a number almost too large to grasp” by Arthur Galocha & Bonnie Berkowitz

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“The Washington Post”: “Why the tanks keep rolling” by Joshua Kurlantzik

“Politico Magazine”: “’Nobody Listened To Me’: The Quest to Be MTG” by Michael Kruse

“Politico Magazine”: “How Biden Will Ende the Trump Sugar Hugh for Israel and Saudi Arabia” by Aaron David Miller & Richard Sokolsky

“The New Yorker”: “Inside Xinjiang’s Prison State” by Matt Huynh & Ben Mauk

“The New Yorker”: “Annals of Technology: Email Is Making Us Miserable” by Cal Newport

“The New Yorker”: “The Secret Life of the White House” by Susannah Jacob

“The New York Review of Books”: “No Direction Home” by Anjan Sundaram

“The New York Review of Books”: “America’s Hidden Gulag” by Jacob Kang-Browns & Jack Norton

“The New York Times”: “Reviewing the Book Review” by Parul Sehgal

“The New York Times”: “How Marty Baron and Jeff Bezos Remade the Washington Post” by Marc Tracy

“The New York Times”: “She Rowed Across the Atlantic, Joining a New Wave of Endurance Athletes” by Andrew S. Lewis

“The New York Times”: “Having Won Syria’s War, al-Assad Is Mired in Economic Woes” by Ben Hubbard & Hwaida Saad

“The New York Times”: “Can You Believe This Is Happening in America?” by Thomas L. Friedman

“The New York Times”: “Video: Death, Trough a Nurse’s Eyes” by Alexander Stockton & Luca King

“The New York Times”: “52 Places to Love in 2021”

“The New York Times”: “The Coronavirus Is Plotting a Comeback. Here’s Our Chance to Stop it for Good” by Apoorva Mandavilli

“The New York Times Magazine”: “How the Pandemic Nearly Tore Israel Apart” by Ronen Bergman

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Future of Work: The Rise of the Wellness App” by Jenna Wortham

“Vanity Fair”: “The Charming Billie Eilish” by Kezia Weir (text) &  Quil Lemons (photography)

..........Kalenderwoche 9..........

“The New York Times”: “Rush Limbaugh and the Petrification of Conservatism” by Ross Douthat

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“The Washington Post”: “Podcast: How many extremists are in the military?”

“The Washington Post”: “McConnell shows that legacies don’t matter when facts no longer do” by Robin Givhan

“The Washington Post Magazine”: “Bill Gates is fighting climate change and covid conspiracy theories. He’s also ‘experiencing the greatest pushback ever in my life” by KK Ottesen

“The Guardian”: “There’s a reason Muslim women struggle to make their voices heard” by Nasrine Malik

“The Guardian”: “Cuomo-gate: a Nixonian scandal engulfs New York” by David Sirota

“The Guardian”: “Meet the Governor we’ve known all along: how Cuomo fell from grace” by Ed Pilkington

“The Guardian”: “The question every politician should be asking is, what does Mark Zuckerberg want with us?” by Martina Hyde

“The Guardian”: “The scars of solitary: Albert Woodfox on freedom after 44 years in a concrete cell” by Ed Pilkington

“The Guardian”: “The long read: How to have better arguments online” by Ian Leslie

“The Guardian”: “Whatever you think of Meghan and Harry, their media critics are far worse” by Marina Hyde

“The Guardian”: “As events in the US have shown, two-party politics is no longer fit for purpose” by Polly Toynbee

“The Guardian”: “In your dreams…where travel writers are yearning for”

Rolling Stone”: “Rush Limbaugh Did His Best to Ruin America” by Bob Moser

“The Intercept”: “Deconstructed Podcast: The Democrats Long War on Immigrants”

“The Intercept”: “How Iran Tried to Recruit Spies Against the U.S in Iraq” by James Risen

“Politico Magazine”: «This crap means more to him than my life”: When QAnon Invades American Homes” by Anastasiia Carrier

“Current Affairs”: “How the Media Cracks Down on Critics of Israel” by Nathan J. Robinson

“Foreign Affairs”: “A Superpower, Like It or Not” by Robert Kagan

“The Atlantic”: “I’m Freezing Cold and Burning Mad in Texas” by Andrew Exum

“The Atlantic”: “The Unlikeliest Pandemic Success Story” by Madeline Drexler Ashley

..........Kalenderwoche 8...........

“The Guardian”: “It will come as a surprise to some, but even Meghan has a right to her privacy” by Alan Rusbridger

“The Guardian”: “The long read: ‘Our souls are dead’: how I survived a Chinese ‘reeducation’ camp for Uighurs” by Gulbahar Haitiwaji & Rozenn Morgat

“The Guardian”: “Podcast: How the Queen lobbied for changes in the law to hide her wealth”

“The Guardian”: “Podcast: The coup in Myanmar and a fight for democracy”

“The Guardian”: “’’I will never give up’: Egypt’s exiles still dream of democracy” by Osama Gaweesh

“The Guardian”: “Bill Gates on the climate crisis: ‘I can’t deny being a rich guy with an opinion” by Bill Gates

“The Guardian”: “The best books to understand contemporary Russia” by Viv Groskop

“The Guardian”: “Mundil Mahill was a straight- A student with a bright future. Then she was charged with murder” by Simon Hattenstone & Eric Allison

“The Guardian”: “Facebook v Apple: the looming showdown over data tracking and privacy” by Josh Taylor

“The Guardian”: “The joy of ‘Lawyer Cat’ is that it teaches us nothing – it’s just very funny” by Imogen West-Knights

“The Guardian”: “The long read: Brazilian butt lift: behind the world’s most dangerous cosmetic surgery” by Sophie Elmhurst

“The Observer”: “Has Covid-19 changed the price of a life?” by Laura Spinney

“The Observer”: “Trump’s acquittal seals his grasp on the Republican party” by David Smith

“The Washington Post”: “Trump left them to die. 43 Republican senators still licked his boots” by Dana Milbank

“The Washington Post”: “Podcast: The mob that Trump built?”

“The Washington Post”: “A majority of people arrested for Capitol riot had a history of financial trouble” by Todd C. Frankel

“The Washington Post”: “The images of Trump’s mob are unforgettable” by Jennifer Rubin

“The Washington Post”: “The long arm of the authoritarian state” by Mike Abramowitz & Nate Schenkkan

“The New York Times”: “Trump Is Guilty” by The Editorial Board

“The New York Times”: “Trump’s Taste for Blood” by Maureen Dowd

“The New York Times”: “Lie After Lie: Listen to How Trump Built His Alternate Reality”

“The New York Times”: “How Right-Wing Radio Stoked Anger Before the Capitol Siege” by Michael Grynbaum, Tiffany Hsu, Katie Robeson & Keith Collins

“The New York Times”: “Biden’s Top Challenge Abroad Is Something No One Wants to Talk About” by Steven Erlanger

“The New York Times”: “The Most Serious Security Risk Facing the United States” by Jonathan Tepperman

“The New York Times”: “Does Brad Pitt Still Sell Watches?” by Victoria Gomelsky

“The New York Times”: “Want Israeli-Palestinian Peace? Try Confederation” by Bernhard Avishai & Sam Bahour

“The New York Times Magazine”: “The Biden Team Wants to Reform the Economy” by Noam Schreiber

“The New Yorker”: “The Three Biggest Lessons of the Corona Virus Economy” by John Cassidy

“The New Yorker”: “Profiles: Glennon Doyle’s Honesty Gospel” by Ariel Levy

“The New Yorker”: “Indie the Worts-Hit County in the Worst-Hit State in the Worst-Hit Country” by Atul Gawande

“The New Yorker”: “Portfolia: Saving the Butterfly Forest” by Brendan George Ko (photography) & Carolyn Kormann (text)

“The New Yorker”: “The Impeachment Trial and the Future of Free Speech” by Steve Coll

“The New Yorker”: “Portfolio - The New Yorker Interview: Marty Baron on his Time with the Washington Post” by Isaac Chotiner

“The New Yorker”: “Reckoning with a Nazi Father” by Philippe Sands

“The Intercept”: “How to Understand the Rage Economy” by Murtaza Hussain

“The Intercept”: “Deconstructed Podcast: Let’s End the War in Yemen”



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